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Belleville’s 19th Century Chinese Community Memorial Dedication – 10/22/16

20090916 NKM   5/x  Photo of the Reformed Dutch Church of Second River on Main st. in Belleville, NJ  9/16/09 (Noah K. Murray -The Star Ledger)

The Belleville Historical Society invites residents to join the Society, Pastor Miguel Ortiz and the New Jersey Chinese-American Association at the dedication of the memorial monument to Belleville’s 19th century Chinese community, the first Chinese community in the eastern United States. The ceremony will take place Saturday, October 22 at 11 am in the cemetery of the old Belleville Dutch Reformed Church on Main Street, now La Senda Antigua.

With the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869 connecting the east and west coast for the first time, Belleville became home to the first Chinatown in the eastern US when sixty-eight Chinese immigrants arrived from California on September 20, 1870. “Most people wrongly assume that the first Chinese community was in New York City”, said Michael Perrone, president of the Belleville Historical Society. “But it was Belleville”. The first Chinese funeral was here in November 1870, the first Chinese New Year celebrated here in January 1871, the first school for the Chinese opened here in September 1871 and the first Chinese place of worship was located here,” Perrone said. Belleville welcomed the Chinese immigrants while most of the rest of the country was strongly anti-Chinese. Many of the Chinese became members of the Belleville Reformed Church and those who died while here were buried in catacombs underneath the church.


For nearly 20 years Chinese immigrants traveled from throughout the region to Belleville to celebrate their holidays and worship. As late as 1887 the Chinese residents of New York City complained that they were not allowed to celebrate their holidays and had to travel to Belleville for their festivities. “The Belleville Chinese residents eventually settled three miles south in Newark where they established the Newark Chinatown which thrived from 1890 until the 1960’s.

This illustration of Chinese residents exploding fireworks during a Chinese New Year celebration in Belleville ran in the Feb. 12, 1876 edition of "Leslies Illustrated Weekly" which was the big New York City newspaper at the time.
This illustration of Chinese residents exploding fireworks during a Chinese New Year celebration in Belleville ran in the Feb. 12, 1876 edition of "Leslies Illustrated Weekly" which was the big New York City newspaper at the time.

Street Dedication Ceremony for Donald S. Murray – Video Coverage


Please click on the image above to view video coverage of the Street Dedication Ceremony for Donald S. Murray, which took place at the corner of Moore Place and Meachem Street on Saturday, October 8, 2016.

For more information about Donald S. Murray, please visit the Belleville Sons Honor Roll website.


Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT)

dvrt-imageThe Belleville Police Department is seeking volunteers for the Domestic Violence Response Team.  

Please click on the document image below to learn more about the DVRT.

Please contact Lt. Nick Breiner 973-450-3352 to request a DVRT application

Don’t Make it Easy for a Thief to Steal Your Wheels

Chief Minichini and Captain Mesce of the Belleville Police Department encourage all motorists to read the document below to help protect themselves and our community from car-related crimes.

(Please click on the image to view/print it in full screen mode)

2014 Homestead Rebate Deadline Extended to November 30, 2016


2014 Homstead Rebate Deadline Extended to November 30, 2016

The deadline for homeowners to file 2014 Homestead Benefit applications has been extended to Nov. 30, 2016.

As a reminder, all eligible taxpayers will begin receiving their Homestead Benefit applications later this month.  We are pleased to share that the State of NJ has extended the deadline recognizing that many homeowners need more time to file. Taxpayers can file their applications either online or by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Homestead Benefit (for homeowners):

Text Telephone Service (TTY/TDD) for Hearing-Impaired Users: 1-800-286-6613 or 609-984-7300

Taxation email address for Homestead Benefit and general tax questions: [email protected]

Belleville Police Department – Home Burglaries

Recently the Belleville Police Department has been receiving reports of burglaries and thefts from homeowners.  As a reminder, all residents are urged to make sure that their windows and doors are secured before going to bed for the evening since with cooler weather coming it is common to leave windows open and/or ajar.

Please remain vigilant by reporting any suspicious activities to the Belleville Police Department by calling 973-450-3334, or 911 if a crime is in progress.

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