Please use this 3-panel form to report if your street (located within the Township of Belleville) is not being regularly swept and cleaned each week by our Department of Public Works. Note that every street section in Belleville has a specific weekday/time during which alternate side of the street parking regulations are in effect to facilitate concurrent cleaning by our DPW. Signage indicating when each particular street section is scheduled for sweeping is ubiquitously displayed along the respective roadway. If your street is missing such signage, please use the form on the Township website to report missing or damaged signs.

Please note that street sweeping operations are generally suspended during the winter months. Also, we ask that you use this form only if your street is not swept for 2 or more consecutive weeks as there are occasional mechanical breakdowns of DPW street-sweepers preventing sweeping operations on a given day.

If you would like to directly contact the Department of Public Works, their phone number is (973) 450-3412.

The data from this contact form will be sent to both the DPW and Town Manager's Office.

After submitting this form, you will receive a copy of it via e-mail for your records.

Thank you!

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